Thursday, August 4, 2011


Had nasi lemak for breakfast at SS21 and boy the parking there is sure hard to find. Took me several rounds around the blocks of shoplots to get one. As I was doing the rounds, I came across a really cute shop by the name Wondermilk. Isn't it funny how a cupcake shop gets labelled as a restaurant. It's more like a bakery. Guess where i got a parking slot? Right in front of Wondermilk! :) Fate brought me here I guess. 

Drizzle drizzle. 

Pre-packaged Cuppacakes! RM 70/box. 
It would be so awesome if they inked Yoochun's face right on each one. 
 The cupcakes would taste like heaven!!! :P


They are quite small in size but leaves an impression the first bite. 
Size doesn't matter, ey? 

What a quaint environment. Definitely getting that chillin and relaxin vibe. 

Quotes and funny phrases hung around. 

They sell cookies too. A box RM 8. 

Chocolate supreme is selling fast! 

Random and quirky stuff on the walls. 

Wondermilk's black coffee. Thumbs up for its superb aroma :)

Even the chairs and tables are of different shapes, sizes and colour. 

 Soothing slow music playing in the background as you take in your surrounding. 

Tried Cookies n' Cream Dream, Foxy Red Velvet and Choc Cheese. 

Red Velvet has such buttery goodness. Icing is mind-blowing. Milky <3

The Cookies 'n Cream was a lil too sweet and the cookie atop it had gone soft. 
A bit of a disappointment. But I reckon it be perfect for those with a sweet tooth. ;)
And the lower half of the cupcake was not too sweet so I guess it complements the icing. 

I'm not sure if it's icing or filling but the milky foam was literally melt-in-your-mouth. Oh my <3

Kinda wish that the bottom part had some milk foam as well. 

Other whimsical decor. Is that a rhino's backside?

Interior of the restroom. 
Bet it can never look dirty as it matches dirt colour. Lol. 

I live in a cottage house and have moose horns in my bathroom. 

But I don't see a bathtub?

Girls don't sprinkle! 

I'd go for anything with icing in this shop! 
Other kinds of cuppies just don't cut it when it comes to icing! Wondermilk's are more like foam though. Not too thick, just nice. 

Make such great party gifts!

And the best thing- the bottom half of the cuppies aren't all dry and breakin, like how some cupcakes become stale after being left in the open for too long. It's baked fresh everyday. They totally make some badass milk foam I'll give you that! However, I think they're still a tad too pricey. Not as economical to some for its size and all but its uniqueness may just offset that. And if only they served heated cuppies!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Saw an ad in the newspaper about the opening of a Tokyo Street in Pavilion and decided to go and check it out. Was really excited 'cos this is probably the first in KL where a whole section of one end of the mall is dedicated to only Japanese brands, products and restaurants. It is mostly traditional stuff like trinkets and food items that are offered. There were several restaurants like the one below and the morning crowd was just filling in. I was fortunate to come early; there were long queues later in the afternoon. 

Hokkaido Ramen Restaurant

We walked around to the back and found Suki-Ya which serves steamboat buffet. The price was great at RM 29+ per pax (adult) and a continuous flow of sukiyaki was really tempting so we decided to try it. 

We sat at the left corner. It was cosy and comfy. 

Other places of interest include the Daiso shopping mart, selling RM5 merchandise. I personally love this shop. They have quality practical goods at such an affordable price! Inside we can buy Japanese chips and candy that we may not be able to get anywhere else in KL.

The 'street'. The ceiling aptly looks somewhat like the sky. 

The decorations are neat. Gives you that Jap vibe.

Huge lantern as you descend the escalator, though Tokyo Street covers only the top floor. 


Oyaki buns with different fillings. We went for chocolate banana, kaya and potato. The choc banana one was nice, whereas the potato tasted rather bland actually. But i guess it's healthier that way :) Gotta go back for green tea next time! Haven't tried that. Since it was the second day of opening, promotion allowed us to purchase 6 for the price of 5. I thought the buns would totally rock with more heat. 

The Loaf in Japanese

Spend RM10 and you'll be entitled to a lucky draw and a wishing bookmark to write and hang on this board in conjunction with the Tanabata Festival. Those who take part stand a chance to win a RM4000 vacation package for two.  

My lucky draw- a toy keychain :P 
My sis on the other hand managed to snag a HABA soap bar. 

Lunch at Suki-Ya. Taking our seats. 

While we were reading the menu and instructions a Jap lady (presumably) seated on the table to our left was kindly instructed by a waitress how to eat and stuff when she stopped her abruptly with an "I know!" Ermm Jeez. 

The menu comes to life.

The salad bar. 

Some enoki, corn and pumpkin. Boil the life out of these and you'll get the perfect sukiyaki soup. 

I don't usually do salad. I know that's crazy right. But this was surprisingly bearable! And delish! 

We selected Kimuchi and Sukiyaki soup. The third choice available being Shabu. Sukiyaki was the best duh. Kimuchi was meh. 

Unlimited flow of chicken, beef and lamb! =D Beef is so definitely a must for sukiyaki steamboat!!

I think we called for at least 15 plates of generous meat servings before we finally settled down for dessert. :P Oh the beef <3 Most likely gonna go back for that. 

Not your average steamboat! Ohmygosh, the soba waz the bombz. If only the soup could have been a lil less sweet, it would be one earth-shattering broth. 

Dinner: Milo Dinosaur and a choc banana Oyaki. That's how well-fed I was from the buffet that I opt for such meagre servings by the end of the day ;D The milo was a tad too sweet! haha.. But I should have seen that coming. Lol. 

All in all I'm glad that Tokyo Street was brought in. However, to my disappointment, there were way too many shops opened there which have already opened its branches in KL like Daiso and Shiseido. I thought such a move to house these familiar Japanese brands was quite redundant. I for one was hoping for new shops from Japan... not having any anime stalls was quite a surprise as well. There wasn't much, sad to say. Technically, it isn't Tokyo Street if you don't offer street fashion, gadgets, anime, manga and music doncha say!

And if it's not too much to ask, all K-Pop/drama fans out there would appreciate some Korean concept street as well... it is a lucrative industry and to build a hub where fans can join events, buy K-pop CDs, popular K-drama, meet and greet Korean celebs and K-fashion! OMG. That sure got me excited!! There are some seriously crazy K-Pop/drama fanatics out there... and best of all they don't mind spending moolah to fuel their craze. Imagine, Korean Street! :D